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Ataji hair care was born out of necessity. My daughter’s hair was desperately dry, I tried every tip and trick that I could find on social media and bought every product that I thought would give us the results we wanted but there was no joy. I quickly learnt two things, 1 - most products were not designed for type four hair and 2 -  her hair just did not like coconut oil and the few products on the market for Afro hair contained coconut oil.  So I took it upon myself to create the products we were so desperately searching for


To provide hair care essential products to help nourish your scalp and tresses, making hair more manageable & healthier. Our products are homemade, and hand made without any unnecessary harsh and heavy chemicals.

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Our Mission

To educate those who have curly and coily hair, on how to look after and care for their natural tresses. We want to instill a sense of pride and confidence to rock their natural hair styles, whether at home, school, work, a night out or an important event.