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Myth Vs Fact: Hair Wash Edition

You Need A Lot of Products To Maintain Your Hair - MYTH

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No matter how long you have been wearing your natural hair, you have no doubt heard that maintaining your natural hair is a complex balancing act. Do you need to have 17 different types of shampoo & conditioners? The answer is NO. What you need to understand is your hair type and what works best for it, then put a routine in place that best suits you.

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Shampooing Too Often Makes You Lose Hair - MYTH

This myth comes from the thought that the less you manipulate your hair, the more it grows. However, that has more to do with styling than keeping your hair clean. Washing your hair frequently will not cause you to lose more strands. However, without the correct routine it will strip your hair of oils causing it to be dry which will make it prone to breakage. You should wash your hair when it is needed, but always be sure to follow up every cleanse with a conditioner.

Washing Your Hair with Cold Water Adds Shine - MYTH

There's no connection between rinsing with cold water and shiny hair. Cold water might be refreshing on hot days, but warm water is better. This is because it opens up the pores on your scalp and hair cuticles, which is great for a deep cleanse, open pores help with absorbing all the nourishment from your hair products.

You Need to Be Rough For A Thorough Cleanse - MYTH

Some people believe you need to scrub your scalp to get rid of dirt, however, that is false. When your hair is damp with warm water, it becomes soft and delicate and scrubbing it in a rough or hard way can lead to damaging your scalp. Instead, apply your shampoo and move your fingers in soft, circular motions all over your scalp. This will keep your scalp clean and protect you from damage.

Heat Can Be Good for Our Hair - FACT

Though it is advisable to stay away from using curling irons and blow dryers when you are

Pretty woman blow drying her textured hair

styling your natural hair, heat can also be a good thing. When you are doing a deep condition or an oil treatment, applying heat to your hair through a steam cap or heated towel, can cause the conditioner to work better!!

Washing your hair might seem like a lot of work, however, knowing the right products to use and application is all it takes. Ignore the myths and cleanse your hair the right way and it will flourish!

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