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The Best Hair Care Routine For Summer

The warmer weather is here … finally!! Yay!!! But that also means your hair is going to be exposed to UV rays. Caring for your natural hair can be tricky during the summer, however, we have some tips that can help.

We've carefully come up with what we think are the best hair care tips that you can consider to keep you hair healthy.

1. Avoid washing frequently: Do you want to preserve moisture in your hair? Then you should avoid washing it too frequently. As important as it is to keep your scalp & hair clean, over-washing in summer months can lead to extra dryness & frizz because of the warmer weather.

2. Use a co-wash technique: If you really must keep up with the frequency of your usual routine, try co-washing every other wash day instead of using shampoo each time. Summer also means more dirt and dust in the atmosphere which can build up in your hair follicles.

Co-washing simply means using a co-wash cleanser or a conditioner instead of shampoo on wash day. This technique will help you to rid your hair of dirt while keeping your hair soft, healthy and moisturised.

3. Cover your strands: Another summer hair care routine you can adopt is to protect your hair by covering it up. Covering your hair protects it from ultraviolet rays as well as dirt and dust. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of maintaining your healthy hair. Use this as an opportunity to make a fashion statement by rocking brightly coloured or printed scarves.

4. Stay hydrated: There are tremendous benefits that come with staying hydrated. We can agree that summers are usually hot and for that, you must drink lots of water. Staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized as it keeps your health ticking and your hair free from damage as well. Also, invest in a good leave-in conditioner, as this keeps your hair hydrated and protected from the sun.

5. Eat healthy: Aside from the fact that you should drink lots of water for your hair, it's also expected that you eat healthy or right. Most times when we eat unhealthy foods, it has a ripple effect on not just our health, but also on the texture or appearance of our hair. To combat this, ensure you eat foods with the right vitamins, proteins, and also fruits to replenish dead cells in your body.

There are tonnes of tips you can follow to help you maintain or care for your hair during summertime. However, by adding the 5 above you can rest assured that you will not only maintain your hair quality but also improve it.

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