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Mango Butter Trio

Mango Butter Trio


Get our Whipped Mango Butter Combo and save!


  • The emollient properties of mango butter protects your tresses from environmental damage and reduces breakage and dryness, making it an excellent conditioner for the hair and scalp.

    Mango butter is known for its regenerative properties, which can help to repair damaged hair. The minerals and vitamins within the butter are thought to encourage growth while keeping hair healthy, locking in moisture and controlling frizz.

    Our mango butters are available in 3 options:
    Mango & Hibiscus: Hibiscus flowers are known as the ‘flower for the hair’. Hibiscus is high in vitamin C, prevents brittle hair, reduces split ends & hair fall, conditions hair, balances the PH of the scalp, strengthens hair roots, strengthens hair shaft, improves scalp & conditions hair.


    Mango & Rosemary: Rosemary oil is known for accelerating hair growth! With anti-inflammatory properties, it is also aids in to soothing scalp conditions. If that doesn’t sell you on the benefits of including rosemary oil products in your routine, it amazing smell may sway you.


    Mango & Pumpkin: Pumpkin seed oil is rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, key vitamins and amino acids making it a ‘superfood’ for hair.Pumpkin Seed Oil contains fatty omega acids & biotin, which help fight scalp conditions & hair loss while helping hair to maintain moisture

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