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Five Reasons Why You Need a Leave In conditioner

If you are still transitioning back to your natural hair, or even if you have had natural hair for a while. Chances are you might be wondering what are the benefits of all the products and steps you need for an excellent hair care regimen.

With so many steps involved in caring for your hair, it can be very overwhelming. Nevertheless, every step is important.

Rinse out Vs Leave in Conditioner

You may be wondering if it is necessary to include a leave in conditioner if you already using a rinse out … answer, most definitely. Rinse out conditioners are heavier and designed to be rinsed away. Leaving even a little rinse out conditioner in your hair, can lead to unsightly build up, which can do more harm than good in the long run.

However, leave in conditioners are lighter so will not weigh your hair down. They are designed to be left on the hair without causing build-up. They also provide additional moisture and barriers to the hair shaft. Adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen is optional, however, I believe it is not a step that should be left out.

Take a look at some of the benefits of adding this step to your routine:

Added Moisture

The very first benefit of including a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen is that it provides your hair with extra moisture. Leave in conditioners can be water based or cream/oil based. A good leave-in conditioner should contain ingredients that improve moisture in your hair. Great examples of ingredients for leave in conditioners include babassu oil, marshmallow root and illipe butter!! All of these ingredients are great for hydrating your hair.

Improves Curl Definition

Leave-in conditioners are also great for defining your curl pattern, especially if you've neglected your hair for a long time. Leave-in conditioners improve slip, make it easier to detangle, and define your curls.

Eliminates Frizz

If you notice your hair is dry and frizzy, then you definitely need to add a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen. Leave-in conditioners are the perfect products to help you get rid of frizz quick. Although most leave-in conditioners improve slip, the ingredients can tell you if it will be great for damaged and frizzy hair.

Strengthens The Hair Strands

Another amazing benefit of including leave-in conditioners in your hair care regimen is its ability to keep your hair strands stronger. How? Asides from containing ingredients that provide moisture to your hair, leave-in conditioners are also made with proteins. Essentially, your natural hair requires an adequate supply of protein to strengthen your hair strands. This helps prevent weak hair strands and breakage.

Rejuvenates The Hair

Leave-in conditioners contain can both water and/or oils, which makes it the perfect product to rejuvenate your hair. Whether you need it for bringing an old twist out back to life, or your curls popping before wash day, it does the trick.

Leave-in conditioners are great for all hair types and definitely have a place in your hair care routine, as that extra moisture step on wash day, or to spruce up your hair between wash days!!


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