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Getting to The Root of it All

Scalp health is so important if you genuinely want to see the true potential of your hair.

The skin on the scalp has mostly the same structure as the skin on our body, however the scalps main difference is it has a large number of follicles that can produce hair fibres.

There are large sebaceous glands attached to each follicle. These densely packed glands and follicles produce sebum, which is the skin's natural oil. The build up of this oil along with sweat, dead skin cells & hair products leads to many scalp conditions. Too much sebum on its own can lead to dandruff.

It is also interesting to know that the skin on the scalp is some of the thickest skin found on the body because it carries more blood than other areas of skin.

In fact, an elaborate network of nerves and blood vessels are connected to the follicles on the scalp.

The greatest density of glands and largest sebaceous glands are found on the face and scalp, which means that there are more accessible routes directly into the lower parts of the skin for the penetration of cosmetic ingredients.

This implies there is a great potential for the correct ingredients to aid immensely in our hair journey.

As you can see, the scalp is an integral of your hair journey. It does not matter what you put on your hair if you do not look after your scalp and feed it with the correct ingredients.

This is why here at Ataji Hair Care we put so much time into researching our ingredients to ensure your hair journey starts right from the roots. We understand the importance of maintaining the health of our scalp so that we can see our true length potential and achieve the luscious hair we all desire.

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