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Myth or Fact: Dry Scalp & Dandruff Are The Same Thing

M Y T H !!

Dandruff and dry scalp are actually two separate issues.

They have different attributes and need to be treated in different ways. Look at the table below to see how you can tell the difference

The reason why they are commonly mistaken for each other is they both present with an itchy and flaky scalp!!

Many people will buy shampoos specifically for treating dandruff regardless of the issue they are dealing with and are baffled that their problem is getting worse. The reality is, it's probably not dandruff but dry scalp and these (dandruff) shampoos are designed to remove excess grease and oil from you scalp. Therefore, your dry scalp issue is aggravated with you seeing an increase in flakes and experiencing an onslaught of itchy head syndrome.

Recognising the attributes of each, will allow you to treat your problem accordingly

If you truly have dry scalp, using a moisturising spray on your scalp, such as our Rose & Hibiscus daily hair juice.

Or using a light weight scalp oil such as our Pumpkin & Green Coffee hair & scalp oil will bring you the relief you are looking for.

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