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New Year, Old Goals, New Method ... My WHY

In 2022, instead of focussing on what we want to do, let's focus on the results of what it will give us, concentrate on the WHY

There are several resolutions that are repeatedly made year in and year out.

These two are always in the top 10! Exercise more and eat healthier.

We're going to take the first one; exercise more, and share how we are going to approach this differently.

Instead of focussing on exercising more, we're going to focus on WHY we want to (and will) exercise more!!

Let's be honest exercise can be off-putting, so instead we'll focus on the fact that exercise makes us sleep better. Sleeping better means our cells will renew themselves better resulting in better skin and more hair growth.

We know that stress is a killer. We also know that exercise is known to reduce stress levels. Stress is accompanied by higher levels of cortisol running through our bodies. Having higher levels of cortisol in the body is known to cause hair shedding; reducing the levels of cortisol & stress in the body through exercise will lead to longer and thicker hair!!

A good workout session will get your heart pumping, increased blood flow throughout your whole body and get you hot and sweaty. This results in more oxygen and nutrients being carried around your body including your scalp, feeding your follicles and improving hair growth & shine!!

So if we can shift our focus away from the activity itself (and the dread in some cases) and focus on what we can gain from it (healthier, longer, thicker, and shinier hair!!), we improve our chances of sticking to our commitments long beyond February.

Especially once we start to see the benefits.

And as a hair nerd I can think of no better reason to stick to my new year resolution.

What are your New Year Resolutions & how will you stick to them?

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